BiblioGal is proud to offer Developmental Editing and Proofreading services, as well as, Freelance Writing.  These services will be charged according to industry standards.  In accordance with the theme of this blog, we prefer NOT to Proofread or Edit Erotica or Dark Romances as we are not familiar with those genres and do not feel comfortable offering content advice.

Rebecca (BiblioGal) has provided services to several authors including Lynn Mullican, Author of the Bad Elements Series and a number of thrilling and suspenseful short stories. She is also proud to have provided these services for a Charity Anthology called The Butterfly Box (available on Amazon).

She has also provided articles and content for Smoke Rise Ranch & Resort for various tourism publications.  This included writing copy for printed advertising.

If you would like to inquire about these services feel free to contact Rebecca via the BiblioGal Facebook Page for an instant dialogue or email (Due to a HIGH volume of email, the response time is much slower.  Private messaging through the Bibliogal Facebook page is recommended).