Well, it’s NANOWRIMO Eve and I’m pumped! What is NANOWRIMO? National Novel Writing Month, is a tribute to authors and writers all over the world! It’s a month long party.  You can be at any stage of the writing game; a noob or a seasoned veteran. This month everyone is encouraged to write an entire […]

  I want to hold off on book reviews for the moment and bring awareness to an important cause.  While we enjoy Halloween and attend parties and trick-or-treat with our children, some children are fighting for their lives.  Safe Child: Africa urgently needs your help! Thousands of children will be accused of witchcraft and will […]

Historical Genre Month Begins

So it’s not officially Historical Genre Month, and I have no idea where people find those types of things.  I just wanted an excuse to officially check out some books that I’ve been dying to read lately. Historical  is actually my favorite genre (Urban Fantasy is my second favorite).  I love Historical Romance, Historical Fiction, […]

Upcoming and Such

Hey there loyal readers! Summer is quickly approaching.  I know things have been a little stagnate on here but I promise if you bear with me I will have some fun fresh stuff to deliver! I’m in the middle of wedding season and since my day job is in the wedding industry, I’m swamped. Lots […]

Hi! It’s Me!

Howdy there! Bibliogal here! I’m not good at filler posts, but I feel like I should post one every now and again to keep things interesting.  Currently I’m Reading Maggie Goes To Hollywood by Kate Danley, who happens to be one of my FAVORITE authors .  This book is the 6th in the Maggie series […]

Roanoke Author Invasion!

Who would have thought my first “CON” would be the Roanoke Author Invasion!?  I would’ve thought it would have been Tri-Con, which is located in my little safety net of Huntington, WV.  Instead, with a little babysitter juggling I managed to clear my schedule for the weekend of April 2,2016!  I’m pretty excited and of […]


So today I have a bad case of the “Mondays”.  I also have “Spring Fever”, which involves me sitting on my butt and wasting time on Pinterest.  I am obsessed with Window Cleaning Hacks right now, which is very unlike me.  The last time I felt this way, I was 8 months pregnant!  Maybe I […]