Greetings and Salutations!  Here at BiblioGal, we strive to be a home base for lovers of Pop Culture and Literature.  If you know obscure and useless trivia, enjoy Tumblr, have a yen for all things musical or Disney, and have been banned from speaking about your favorite fandom at the dinner table…then pull up a chair and get comfy.

giphy (1).gif

A few rules:

  •   We encourage Trolls to be clever and funny, NOT disrespectful or abusive.
  • While we tolerate most things, this is a PG-rated blog which means keep the cussing to a minimum, nudity is a NO GO, and I’d rather the 50 Shades talk take place in one of the many forums found in Tumblr.
  • We are LGBT Friendly and Love Fan Fiction so if you don’t want to hear about those things, feel free to mosey on out of here.
  • BiblioGal (that’s ME) as the sole owner and administrator of this blog has the RIGHT to delete and moderate comments as she sees fit.

Welcome Ladies and Gents Please form an orderly queue.tumblr_inline_oohfbiHBB51s2lhps_500.gif








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