Review Double Feature! Appalachian Prey & Appalachian Abduction by Debbie Herbert

“Star-crossed lovers on Lavender Mountain… Danger awaits them both,” – Appalachian Prey, Novel Back Cover


After her father’s murder, pregnant Lilah Tedder dreads facing deputy Harlan Sampson, her child’s secret father, who left her heartbroken.  Though she still wants him, Lilah knows his professional ambition won’t let him associate with a moonshiner’s daughter.  But when a killer targets Lilah, Harlan becomes more than her protector.  Now they must uncover old family secrets or pay the ultimate price. – Official Blurb, Novel Back Cover

With a blurb like that, what’s not to love? Appalachian Prey is Debbie Herbert’s first Intrigue story published by Harlequin and it’s a full-fledged knockout. Lilah is a proud woman, determined to overcome her harsh upbringing and family’s bad reputation.  Harlan is a career minded rising star within the Sherrif’s Department, poised to ultimately be Sherrif himself one day; if he plays his cards right. Being in a romantic relationship with a moonshiner’s daughter would definitely ruin his plans. I loved it from the first page.  The characters were flawed which made them realistic and likeable.  Mysteries are one of my favorite genres and I enjoyed following along as this tangled web was undone. I couldn’t put this book down and finished it in under 2 hours.  Luckily, just when I was thirsting for more, I was sent an Advanced Reading Copy of the SEQUEL: Appalachian Abduction.

Appalachian Abduction

“A small-town cop must protect a beautiful rogue undercover detective,”-Appalachian Abduction, Novel Back Cover


Trespassing, fleeing a peace officer…hell, she’d aimed a gun at his chest! Officer James Tedder can’t help but admire her fight. Undercover detective Charlotte Helms will never quit.  She’s on a personal mission: rescue her best friend’s daughter…and bust the child trafficking ring that lured her away.  When they’re forced to become partners, James must trust Charlotte to have his back, but can he trust her with his heart?”-Appalachian Abduction, Novel Back Cover

Charlotte and James are the next story in this suspenseful series.  The story is riveting, and once again, the characters are realistic in their portrayal of emotions and the decisions they ultimately make to move the story forward.  The suspense is at a high alert level and the heat from these two characters is undeniable.  Debbie has done a great job in balancing both aspects of the story.  I was just as interested in solving the mystery and getting the bad guys as I was the relationship forming between Charlotte and James.  I cannot wait to see what else this author churns out in the future.

It’s no secret that I’ve read and loved Herbert’s previous publications in the Paranormal sect.  She has seamlessly crossed over into murder mysteries without any growing pains.  Lilah is no wilting flower and is determined to prove her worth in a world that has disregarded her, while Harlan is a hero conflicted between career and love.  The scenes are intense and at times frightening. Charlotte is following her heart and doing everything she can to bring about justice for her friend’s daughter and others victim to heinous crimes.  James is just an average guy drawn into a dark world of intrigue.  As part of the NEW Bibliogal, I’m making a habit of recommending a movie or television show to watch that will complement the books I review.  I recommend


reading them in tandem with Southern Fried Homicide on the Investigate Discovery Channel while drinking a good RED wine.

Appalachian Prey is available at retailers near you as well as online at Amazon and Barnes and Noble.

Appalachian Abduction will be released on March 1, 2018, and will be available in all formats.



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