Review: Death Know My Name by Kellie Wallace

After the tragic drowning of her brother eighteen years ago, Aleida Fuller has lived her life communicating with the supernatural. She can see and speak to the dead, as if they were still walking the earth. Despite being welcomed in the spirit world, Aleida lives a closeted existence. Her reclusive mother refuses to accept her abilities and the local townsfolk think she’s a fraud.

When mysterious traveler Rafe Jenner arrives in town, Aleida’s dull life is irrevocably changed. He’s handsome, strange, and oddly alluring, with piercing eyes that turn red in the dark…

As Aleida and Rafe are teamed up to solve a crime for the Sheriff’s Office, a great evil lurks in the shadows. Bloodthirsty for Aleida’s soul, Hell-bound demon Albinus roams the earth, shedding blood and taking lives in search of her. He will stop at nothing until he gets what he wants. Aleida must draw on her physic abilities and her new-found alliance with Rafe to battle Hell’s agents before her soul is lost forever.”

Blurb Source: Amazon

I have waited for a long time to officially review this book and the time is here!  Anyone who knows me or reads the blog on a semi – regular basis, knows my obsession with Supernatural.  This story reads like an episode,

giphy (1)

only maybe a spin-off with side characters.  What I’m trying to say is, the overall feel of this book is spine tingling good.

We have Aleida, a troubled soul who can see spirits.  She obtained her power through tragedy and lives under the scrutiny and skepticism of a small town.

Rafe Jenner is a bored and restless spirit, tasked with collecting souls.  He has a secret past and it’s tricky to see what side he’s on.  Is is good or bad? The mystery of Rafe is as tantalizing as the mystery of the entity that is after Aleida.

I absolutely loved this book and the adventure it took me on.  Scary villains, anti-heroes, and spooky ghost stories all intertwine to take you on a magical thrill ride.  I am so glad this book is going to be a series as I have plans to read them ALL!

Death Knows my Name gets a solid 5 out of 5 Stars and is recommended to everyone (but probably 18 and up for some sexual content and scary paranormal elements) and it’s available just in time for Halloween!


For those interested, Death Knows My Name is available on Amazon. You can follow Kellie Wallace on Goodreads, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram!



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