Review: Ruthless Beings: ABC by Ruth G Juliano

Just finished reading Ruthless Beings: ABC by Ruth G Juliano.  Wowee! It was definitely a roller coaster ride! I ran a full gamut of emotion on this one; laughter, anger, happiness, and WTF.  200_s-1

Here’s the dish:

Amethyst Callinger is a “Billionaire Baby”. She’s grown up sheltered from the outside world, but inside her gilded cage, things were NOT all glitter and gold.  After the sudden death of her father, she finds herself alone in the real world for the first time.  She soon finds that the world is both beautiful and ugly.  While she’s trying to learn how to “Adult”, Amethyst finds herself in a complicated love triangle with Nathaniel and Nicholas Day. It’s complicated on so many levels! They’re not only brothers, but best friends, and her bosses!

In addition to a complicated love triangle, she discovers that her family had secrets….Angry-Gordon-Ramsay-Wonders-Whats-So-Complicated-In-Hells-Kitchen.giflots of secrets.  She also finds that she didn’t know her beloved father as well as she thought she did.  There are so many mysteries to solve and plot twists to navigate! In all reality, this book has everything I don’t like in a book: abuse in all forms; financial, emotional, physical, and sexual, a naive to a fault heroine, a jerk hole alpha male, and near passive “beta” male.  The problem is, while I should in all theories, dislike this book, I couldn’t put it down!  When Amethyst made terrible decisions, or should I say decisions I wouldn’t make, I found myself feeling motherly toward her.  “It’s okay honey, you’ll learn not to do that next time.” I found myself repeating as a mantra during the duration of this book.

The writing style is direct and simple. No flowery language, hyperbole, or unnecessary adjectives or descriptions.  This was nice because the themes and complex emotions the characters are dealing with are enough.  Also, in the Author’s Note at the beginning of the novel, Juliano also explains why she chose to write this way.  I will say there are unanswered questions and plot holes…I’m sure it was intentional as this is an ongoing series and the author is about to publish book number 7. Hopefully this means my questions will be answered in time.

giphy-2If you’re a fan of Soap Operas…particularly, Dallas, you’ll enjoy Ruthless Beings.  I personally feel like it could be easily compared to Jackie Collins Santangelo Family series.  Cutthroat, Romance, Criminals, it’s all there in black and white waiting for you to enjoy. I’m giving this a 5 out of 5  stars because it was COMPLETELY out of my reading comfort zone and yet, through great storytelling, it kept me focused and riveted to my kindle! I finished in just under 24 hours. It was great!

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Happy Reading!



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