Review: The Shadow and The Sun by Monica Enderle Pierce

So this week I’m introducing you to a Historical Fantasy set in a Medieval background. If you like Game Of Thrones, The Wheel of Time series, or really any other Fantasy series; I think you’ll be pleased to read this.  It has adventure, magic, warriors, and some romance thrown in for good measure.

So get ready for my review!


Halina, the bastard daughter of the king, is a fierce warrior and respected leader.  Currently her kingdom is at war with the kingdom of Bersera and she is sent as an emissary to the Shadow Mage to secure his allegiance.  There’s one big problem, the Shadow Mage might live in her kingdom, but he’s the brother of the King of Bersera. 12235013_971866096220572_6081445717608669339_n Halina isn’t discouraged though, he’s a man and she’s never met a man she couldn’t conquer.

Gethen is a powerful Shadow Mage and Necromancer.  He has no interest in choosing sides in this war.  He’s busy trying to convert into a Sun Mage and defeat a powerful witch out to destroy everything.  He has no time for the beautiful lady knight knocking at his castle door.

The two get stuck in a blizzard of magical origins and realize they need each other to defeat the evil Rime Witch.  By defeating her, they’ll not only save the world, but possibly end the war brewing between the kingdoms.

I found this book very enjoyable.  It’s been a LONG time since I’ve read a medieval fantasy and this was a good one to get back in the groove with.  It has some of the things that people find difficult in this genre, like trying to remember all the names and titles (or maybe that’s just me, I’m a bit scatterbrained) but the story flowed well and the mythology was easy to understand.  I loved that a woman was the hero of the story, which is something lacking in this genre.  I LOVE a good dose of girl power! This is Book 1 and the full title is The Shadow and The Sun ( Militess and Mage Series ) and I’m hoping for more soon.  The world building is really amazing and detailed, without dragging on and boring me ( I have to be honest, The Wheel Of Time did that to me a couple of times).  

b4bf3f1f2df7739608b4f5aaaa2300ebI’m giving this book a 5 out of 5 stars and recommend it to experienced fantasy readers and to those who haven’t read fantasy before but want a place to start! It’s violent and has some sexual content so I would recommend it for the upper YA crowd and Adults **

**Disclaimer: My recommendation is based on what I would feel comfortable letting my own family members read age wise, so take it with a grain of salt, not responsible for butt hurts

For more on Monica Enderle Pierce you can check out her official Facebook Page and Twitter below.

Monica Enderle Pierce – Facebook and Twitter


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