Review: Witch Of The Cards by Catherine Stine

So this book came out in April. I have to admit, after reading Ruby’s Fire by Ms Stine, I eagerly anticipated this book.  It has nothing whatsoever to do with Ruby’s story (Dystopian) but I like Catherine’s writing style and character development. I met Stine at a signing event, Roanoke Author Invasion, grabbed up my copy (and yes it’s signed…insert 635933340872580145-2001464731_anticipationsqueals here) and had the intention of reading it straight away. If you see the date stamp, that was nearly 5 months ago!

Around this time, this blog blew up and since then I’ve received a steady stream of ARC’s and promotional book tour requests. I had to put personal reading on the back burner.  So now thanks to my self- declared Historical Month, I happily put aside obligations and got to reading! I wasn’t disappointed!

Witch of the Cards is set in 1930’s New York and the Jersey Shore.  Think Boardwalk Empire type of shenanigans.  It’s a Historical Paranormal Romance involving, Fiera, our heroine and her journey to discovering her identity as a sea witch.article-2477576-18f5e6f500000578-38_634x356

While vacationing on the Jersey Shore, nanny Ivy Lorena, goes to a seance with her new friend Dulcie.  Spiritualism is all the rage and Ivy wants to do something daring.  Peter Dune is the medium offering a free seance and has a secret: he’s not a medium at all, he’s an undercover detective out to expose fraud.  Ivy’s experience has fantastic and frightening consequences.  The seance has unlocked her latent abilities and linked her with Mr. Dune.  She also learns her true name: Fiera.

Witch of the Cards takes you on a journey through both the fantastic boardwalk backdrop, to the Park Avenue Mansions and into the dark, sad reality of Hoover Towns.  For a History buff interested in the era, it is a feast of knowledge.  The budding romance between Peter and Fiera is good too!  The book is a slow burner at first but by the middle it picks up the pace.  The sea witch element is good too.  I haven’t read anything involving “good” sea witches,giphy.gif so that was a nice new element for me.  Ultimately this is a story about love and friendship,which is really all a gal needs.  I’m giving it a 4 out of 5 Stars and am recommending it as a Beach Read, or since “Winter is Coming” a nice read to get you in a beachy mood! I would recommend this for Adults and older teens due some of the love scenes and paranormal aspects.  So if you don’t like those things, move on to the next read.

Happy Reading!


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