Review: Diamonds Fall by Rebecca M. Gibson

I can’t wait until the end of my article to give you the goods.  I rated this book 5 out of 5 Stars!  I’m also still processing what I just read.  Rebecca M. Gibson killed me emotionally at 8PM EST/US last night.  I don’t write my reviews ahead of time and schedule the posts.  I like to write my thoughts down as soon as I’ve read the book then post.  This way I can insure you that my opinions and emotions are authentic and I don’t have time to ruminate on them.  So my gut and visceral reaction to this book : Devastated, Intrigued, Scared, Happy, and What The Fudge!? A recipe sure to make you want more.


Annabel Hoddington is the heir to a massive fortune.  She has lived her entire life for one purpose: To Marry and equally rich husband and provide her family with a perfect reputation.  Set in Victorian England, Annabelle’s journey takes us on heartbreaking lows and gut wrenching lows.  On her 18th birthday, Annabel is kidnapped by a vicious  thug and his family and taken to a secluded village in the countryside.

Tortured and with no hope of escape, she finds allies and friends in the younger adult children of her captor.  Patsy, Billy, and Daniel Prince literally fight to keep Annabel alive.  Along the way, Miss Hoddington finds herself falling for Daniel. There are so many barriers for them, one is left wondering how in the heck it’s going to play out.  I have to say, until I reached the last page, I had no fudging clue what the author had in mind!  It is definitely a To Be Continued piece, which may upset some of you.  Fear not, the sequel, Rubies Fall is just around the corner!

Here’s why I gave the book 5 stars.  Technically, it’s well written.  Gibson is a master of description.  I could visualize every scene and feel all the intensity in every interaction.  Her heroine takes a journey of self discovery and changes for the better.  In the beginning of the book, Annabelle isn’t even aware of how unpleasant she is.  I didn’t want to like her, but soon she discovers who she really is and transforms into a beautiful person both inside and out. The ensemble cast is as lovable as the Main Character.  Patsy is brave and kind, (HufflePuff) Billy is a gentle giant with the biggest capacity for pure and genuine love. (HufflePuff) Daniel is kind, loyal, and a martyr for his loved ones.(HufflePuff) In fact, the Harry-Potter-and-the-Order-of-the-Phoenix-GIF5.gifcharacter development as a whole is well done.  I loved the good guys and loathed the bad guys.  I swear, I hated the “bad” guys just as much as I hated Delores Umbridge! If I were to summarize this whole story in a way that would connect with my regular fan base, I would tell you that this is a tale of HufflePuff vs Slytheryn set in Victorian England (minus the magic)! __871267139


So that’s all the stuff I loved about Diamond’s Fall.  I hope you enjoy it as much as I did!  I’m still processing it fully.  I hope I recover in time for the sequel.

Happy Reading,


PS Due to the level of violence I would caution that this book would not be suitable for the 15 years and under crowd.

Rebecca M. Gibson links:

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