Historical Genre Month Begins

So it’s not officially Historical Genre Month, and I have no idea where people find those types of things.  I just wanted an excuse to officially check out some books that I’ve been dying to read lately. Historical  is actually my favorite genre (Urban Fantasy is my second favorite).  I love Historical Romance, Historical Fiction, Historical Non Fiction and yes, I was that nerd in college who saved ALL of her History text books.  I never sold one, but you can bet my Math books went as soon as finals were over.

I want to know, what are your favorite Historical Books and Sub Genre?


In the Main Stream Media I LOVE Julia Quinn, Eloisa James, and Phillipa Gregory.  In the reviews this month I’ll be covering Indie Authors Rebecca M. Gibson, Catherine Stine, Odelia Floris, and Miranda D Nelson. All of them have a different type of Historical Theme and I’m pretty excited to introduce you to them.  If you’d like to do some preliminary stalking, here are their Amazon Author Profiles:

Rebecca M Gibson

Catherine Stine

Odelia Floris

Miranda D Nelson




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