Coming Soon

Here’s a bit of an update on what to expect in the coming months on Bibliogal Book Review!  For the ENTIRE month of September, I will be putting up nothing but books in, on, or about the HISTORICAL Genre. Nonfiction, Fiction, Romancefrabz-History-Buff-What-my-friends-think-I-am-What-my-mom-thinks-I-am--1760a2; if it is set in the 1950’s or older, I’m going to talk about it.  Mostly,it’s an excuse to read some books that have been on the back end of my TBR for a while.  Historical is one of my favorite genres next to Urban Fantasy and sadly, I’ve realized that I hardly have any covered in my review pile!

The Month of October will be dedicated to SUSPENSE/THRILLER categories. I spend most of the year reviewing Paranormal, Dystopian, Sci Fi, and Urban Fantasy.  All of these have elements of traditional HORROR in them, so I thought I’d celebrate the month with another type of “Spine Tingler”

I hope you guys are enjoying the Book Review.  We’re a few months shy of a year and I’m enjoying it so far.  The learning curve has been huge and I’m grateful to my audience for allowing me time to have growing pains!

As Always, Happy Reading!



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