Book Review: Atancia by Wren Figueiro

Atancia by Wren Figueiro is a YA or NA Paranormal Urban Fantasy Romance….that’s a mouthful!23076121.ChippyWithaMouthful That’s at least how I would describe it. Atancia, or “Atty” as she is referred to, is a typical college student. She’s responsible, shy, respectful, and very loving to her adopted grandmother.  After witnessing a death, she experiences what she believes is a series of panic attacks.  For some reason this onset of panic attacks triggers her Nana to mention something Atty’s long lost mother had told her.

This secret, in turn, puts Atty on a journey to figure out the mystery of her missing mother and who she really is.  Along the way she meets a mysterious guy named Ben. Ben is wealthy, handsome, and an all around perfect guy with seemingly no flaws.  Atty and Ben hit it off and find themselves attached to each other pretty quickly.  Ben drops the bombshell of Atty’s origins and invites her to his home in Australia to explore further.

I have to say the premise of this book sounds pretty good on the surface.  In fact it isn’t too bad.  You’ve got a family origins mystery to solve, exploring supernatural powers, and traveling the world. It’s got a lot of pluses in it.  I have to say though, I couldn’t connect with the characters very well.  It felt like I was being “told” a story rather than being invited in to the story.  Like when your co worker tells you about their weekend on a Monday before you’ve finished your coffee; you hear what they’re saying but it’s just not connecting in your brain yet.frog21 (1)  The story also moves a bit slow and and the pacing is all over the place. Also the characters are too good to be true. I know authors love their characters and will defend them to the death…which is a good thing. In order to have a character be believable they need to have some sort of flaw…even a small one. Atty is perfect. She reacts normally and sanely in any situation, which drove me a little crazy. For example….Ben drops a bombshell out of the blue about his origins, and has some insight into hers as well, and it’s like she shrugs her shoulders and that’s it. No questioning, no freak out, nothing. Even a calm and in control person would have some sort of reaction to crazy information.

When the setting moves from Miami, Florida to Australia’s Blue Mountains things perked up a bit.  It was refreshing to see Australia that way, as I’ve never been. It actually made me think about putting it on my travel bucket list.frabz-I-should-visit-Australia-39ebc9

I think this would be really good with a little revision and tweaking so I’m giving it 3 out of 5 stars. Atancia is the first book in the Durand Duology series and the sequel: For Atancia is also available.  For more information check out the links below:

Wren Figueiro Facebook

Wren Figueiro Goodreads






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