Book Review: Dark Dreams and Dead Things by Martina McAtee

So, where did I leave off? Oh yeah, totally fangirling about Children Shouldn’t Play With Dead Things! Well, Book 2, the above mentioned Dark Dreams and Dead Things is being released TODAY!!! I was lucky enough to receive an Advanced Reader Copy last week, so I could deliver the scoop today!

bc373e8f584036de53d3674eaf7207ac56b54336_hq So let’s delve into the deliciousness that Dead Things brings us.  Okay so In Book 1, we are introduced to the cast of characters and their various supernatural abilities.  There are growing pains and lots of action, then book some bad crap happens and you have a ton of feels and you’re kinda left with a WTF and a cliff hanger.  Not bad though, gets your blood pumped for the next installment, which is of course upon us!

Now we are at a pivotal point in time for our characters and while the 3 (Kai, Ember, Tristan) figure out how to control their powers, the threat of the Grove, and a coven full of truly heinous mean girls; the rest of the pack has to figure out how to stop a nasty troop of immortal assassins known as the Legionnaires. If that isn’t enough to get your anxiety pumping, they need to find a mysterious witch with a serious power to help them, Ember can’t find Mace…who happens to be in a terrible awful place, Rhys and Kai are trying to deal with emotions (and by now we know how that works out most of the time) Tristen is being a well…I’ll let this handy little gif explain it tumblr_n4lvqt4QGm1r6hoj2o2_250:

Haha bet you thought I was gonna say the B word! But anyway, shizz has hit the fan and our brave band of heroes has a full plate.  Plus there’s an uber creepy stalkery magician type playing head games.  Not Cool.

This book was so jam packed with action that it was hard to believe it was a sequel.  Most of the time second books are fillers to move on to the next installment and elicit little emotion from me. This one was soooo good! and it still forwarded the overall plot and made me look forward to Book 3!

I’m happily giving it 5 out of 5 stars! I also recommend this one to the 15yrs and up crowd due to the teen drama and supernatural type violence. Gotta say my favorite line in the book was when Tristin and Ember were fighting it out and then this happened…”So you’re a bitch because you’re hungry?” Ember can deliver some good ones! OMG laughed out  tumblr_inline_nzmzrlN1F11te58zi_500loud! It also made me think a little about how I feel about Miss T. Dunno if it was McAtee’s intention and this is purely my opinion, but she is a female Dean Winchester.  She’s loyal, loves her brother to her detriment, get’s real HANGRY, is very stabby, and isn’t so good with feelings.  I’m starting to think I actually love Tristin and that’s a sign of a good writer. When she creates a character that you hate, but then starts making you see all of the pieces of them.  So while I’m putting Tristan on my Christmas card list, but not the fancy one with my family picture, the generic one with the random message that you pick up at Kmart.  I’ll wait until book 3 to see if she gets upgraded! Good Job, Martina McAtee and Happy Book Birthday!


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