Growing A Pair and Cleaning House

Blame it on the lack of carbs, blame it on my need to please and hold things in until I explode.  Either way, there’s some emotion erupting right now.  I am saying this again and then clarifying once more and after that everyone can think of me as rude.

I DON’T DO EROTICA and the number of MA romances that come across my desk are very very few!  I’m not knocking the genres.  Some of the nicest and smartest people I know love reading this genre and even write it.  I don’t.  I don’t enjoy reading it and I don’t enjoy talking about it.  I skim over sex scenes when I come across them and I fast forward or find something else to do when my husband watches Game of Thrones because I’m just not that interested in graphic sex. I watched Deadpool and laughed at the jokes, I’m not a complete prude, but I did get uncomfortable during the naked stuff. I don’t mind dirty jokes or sex, I just don’t need graphic descriptions or images.  I’m a YA, Urban Fantasy, Fantasy, Paranormal, Historical, Sweet Romance reading kind of nerd.  Give me a Hallmark Mystery anyday.

I’ve been lax on my policy. I know that.  I recently read an erotic thriller and gave it a high rating.  I wasn’t lying, it was good.  I even clarified that it was out of my comfort zone. But that’s it. My main gripe is that, I get added to Erotica groups on Facebook without my permission all the time!  Sometimes I read and review YA stuff, what if a young reader stumbled upon the fact that I belong to one of those groups and pulls up pics of T & A? Furthermore what would my mother think?  I know there are tons of valid arguments and advocates that may possibly make some comments. That’s fine. I’m not railing against anyone, just stating what my feelings are.

When I started this blog, I wanted it to be a fun place for people with similar interests. I would post funny things from various fandoms I ship, and put up book reviews, and interact with fellow readers.  For the most part that’s what I’ve accomplished and I’m beyond grateful and happy about that.  So once again I’m going to force myself to be firm on the matter.  My review policies are stated on here and on my Facebook Page.  Please read them before inquiring and don’t flubbing add me to groups without asking me first!!


Thank You

The End



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