Another Day

So it’s me again.  I started a new book to review, Wrong Side of the Grave, by Bryna Butler. I should have something for you to devour by Sunday Night 😉 I love how successful my blog is becoming.  It may not have large following, but in terms of community, I’m pretty sure I’ve found my tribe 🙂

In starting this blog I’ve learned a few things about myself.  I’ve found that reading and reviewing is actually a lot harder than it sounds.  Reading for myself is easy and I can get through and average sized novel in about 3 or 4 hours.  Reading and Reviewing with expectations and deadlines actually makes me tense and I find myself procrastinating.  I have also found that I’m hopeless at promotional events. I constantly forget to post on the planned day and scheduling a post seems to never work out for me.  I apologize to all the promotions I’ve been late on :/

I’m also learning to say NO.  When I first started Bibliogal Review, I was accepting everything; even books that I don’t feel comfortable reading or promoting.  I’ve actually learned that it’s okay to politely pass on things I don’t want to do.  I’m the boss, lol. I really enjoy the Indie Book community. It’s filled with lots of fun and creative people who all strive for a common goal….bringing stories to the people.  Thanks Indie World for embracing this Noob and teaching her your ways 🙂 I’m hopelessly lost without you! Also a big shout out to S.A.S.S (Struggling Authour Street-team Service). They primarily help authors, but I’ve picked up a few things pretty quickly on the blogger spectrum as well! If you peruse the interweb and you see their logo, check it out.  12392034_791985710928549_2951425757060371643_n  A SASS sponsored event is always a good time and they have some bright stars in their stable 😉

Well, that’s all for now, hope I’m getting better at these filler posts 😉

Until Next Time!

Happy Reading!





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