Review: Second Chance to Live by Roscoe T. Kearns



Second Chance to Live is an erotic thriller that leaves you on the edge of your seat! It’s not normally a book I would pick for myself but I was offered a free copy in exchange for a review so I took a chance. I’m glad I did! It’s dark, edgy, full of steamy love scenes, mysterious, and beautifully written. There are so many underlying themes in this book, so it’s bound to pique the interest of a wide variety of readers. Romance, slight paranormal/metaphysical happenstances, mystery and suspense. I thoroughly enjoyed it and I’m glad I hopped out of my comfort zone for this one.

The story centers around 2 people in their 40’s who connect via a dating site on the internet.  They hit it off instantly and hanky panky ensues (it is an EROTIC thriller afterall 😉 ), they quickly bare their souls to each other and both find they are seeking something deeper out of life.  Fate and circumstance are a big theme within this novel, which is quite intriguing and a good call on the author’s part. It certainly keeps you guessing what the end game is up until the very last page.  There’s also a big bad dark mystery to be solved in the form of a stalker, so there’s that element as well.

I’ll harp on this again, it’s not normally a genre I would pick for myself; but I have to give the author kudos for asking me to take it on.  It was refreshing to have my mind stretched a bit. Stepping out of my comfort zone on this one made me think about what I was reading a little more and I found myself playing Clue, trying to figure out what Mr. Kearns was up to.

Technically, it’s well written and the characters are very in depth. The typos were few, so whoever did the editing should get a pat on the back (I’ve found more typos in mass media published books 😉 ) I gave it 4 stars out of 5, because I felt it was a little too quick in pacing during some parts of the story, like when they start sharing secrets and dark moments from their pasts. It was also a little slow in other parts like waiting til a little over half the book was read to reveal a major happening…(can’t divulge too much because of spoilers).  I certainly would recommend this book to my mystery loving, metaphysical musing, and racy romantically inclined readers.  Definitely for the 18 and up crowd 😉

Second Chance to Live is available on Amazon and be sure to check out the author on Goodreads!

Happy Reading!,

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