Review: Black Wings by Iryna K. Combs

….”A new time. A new planet. A new world. New technologies. Two new humanoid species. A new war.

The two species separate, but in the removal, some of the best are left behind
among the worst. Captured and held as slaves, they are treated cruelly for
entertainment. Torture. Pain.
Annabel, endures a year of such cruelty, kept alive only by way of syringes which,
while healing, cause a greater agony. She discovers a secret held by their leader,
and decides to help her own kind by escaping–even if it means a final death,
preferable to the life she has endured.
Her escape succeeds, and she joins her own kind at the other end of the planet.
Among her new friends she meets many who help her adjust to their happier life.
Will Annabel find romance? Or will another war break her down?…” Official Blurb 
Black Wings is a mesh of Sci-Fi, Dystopian, and Romance. Annabel is captured by the enemy and subjected to torture and medical experimentation.  When she realizes her captors have plans for gathering up more of her people, she summons all of her courage and strength to save them.  This part of the story is fast paced and keeps you on your toes.
When Annabel manages a miracle, she has to cope with her new life and learn to trust and love again. Her personal transformation is a long one (as it should be since she suffered so much) and there’s even a bit of a love triangle thrown in. The pace changes here and is a bit slow, I’ll admit I put the book down a few times during this part.  The pacing finally increases again towards the end when Annabel’s captors seek revenge.
Annabel is forced to face her nightmares and try to protect the new life she’s been given. The action sequences are good and like I mentioned before, the pacing is quick.
I have to say, the premise of the story is good. Resettlement on a new planet, new humanoid species who become enemies, love and family; these are all qualities I like in a Sci-Fi book.  The book is a little rough around the edges. It makes for a good first edition, but I found the characters to be a bit robotic and hard to connect with.  It felt very much like I was being told a story and not reading the story (sounds confusing I know, but I’m not exactly sure how to describe it).  I think with some editing and revision this could be a really good book.  I don’t know what the author’s plans are but, there are a few openings within the manuscript to create a series. One should note that this is not only the author’s debut novel, but it’s her first one in English! So kudos for that!  I have to say based on the technical stuff, I would give it a 3 out of 5 Stars. I feel this book would be safe for the 16 years and up crowd due to mild violence and torture scenes. This author definitely has potential and I think we’ll see good things coming from her in the future!
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Black Wings is available on Amazon and through Roane Publishing Company


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