Upcoming and Such

Hey there loyal readers! Summer is quickly approaching.  I know things have been a little stagnate on here but I promise if you bear with me I will have some fun fresh stuff to deliver! I’m in the middle of wedding season and since my day job is in the wedding industry, I’m swamped. Lots of reviews upcoming, Author Spotlights, and Review Tours to  whet your appetite and fill your Summer Reading List. 🙂

Changing lanes for a sec, in addition to reading I watch way too much tv and I don’t get to go out to the movies as much as I want ( the littles forbid it), so tell me what’s going on in the grown up world!

Supernatural is speeding up to it’s season finale, and that opens up time to binge on shows I’ve missed out on.  Any suggestions? Let me know! Same goes for upcoming movies, since the odds of me seeing Civil War are slim ( I haven’t even seen Age of Ultron yet!!!) let me know what your take on it is (No Spoilers )  🙂

As always thanks for your support and Happy Reading!




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