Review:Falling For My Best Friend’s Cousin

Falling For My Best Friend’s Cousin by Moisa J. Wroy is a YA Contemporary Romance.  The book stars Ally, a regular teenage girl with regular teen problems.  She seems pretty happy overall.  Her best friend Catlin, is a lonely only child and reveals that her cousin Caleb is moving in with her family.  Ally is excited for her bestie and is glad that the nerdy guy she met three years ago is going to provide some company for her best friend.

When Ally meets Caleb, he’s changed considerably and to her shock and surprise, she’s falling for him hard.  Life is hard for a teen in love.  Will Ally be able to balance everything on her plate and live happily ever after?  If you want answers, you’ll have to check out the book yourself, as there will be no spoilers from these lips 😉

This book is suitable for YA readers from 15 years and up, ( there may be cursing).  I recommend it for people who like  YA Contemporary Romance.  The interesting note is that the Author is only 16!!! Which is an amazing accomplishment.  This also means she has a relevant voice in the YA culture as she is currently in the thick of it 🙂 Miss Wroy has several books available on Amazon.  Currently I would rate this book 3 out of 5 stars because of formatting, structural, and grammar issues (all of which are being worked on as we speak) I applaud this young author for doing something remarkable, and I believe shutterstock_151662200wholeheartedly that she has talent! I look forward to seeing and reading what she puts out for years to come!

Happy Reading,






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