Rogue Agent by Kellie Wallace

Seth Langdon is a cold blooded killing machine.  As a hit man for an elite secret agency, he’s grown numb to the messy side of his job.  He loses himself to drugs, alcohol, and his girlfriend.  One day, a hit gets to him and he decides he’s had enough.

Terra Bloom, is a socialite and animal rights/ human rights activist whose been targeted by a hit squad. Just when it seems like lights out for her, her would be killer turns into her savior.

Seth has his work cut out for him.  Not only does he need to save Terra, but he needs to keep his loved ones out of the clutches of the agency he just turned his back on.

Rogue Agent, is a thriller set in the not too distant future.  The scenes are gritty and dark and the action is nonstop.  The characters are fully fleshed out and I can picture each one very clearly.  I liked that Seth wasn’t an obvious good guy in the beginning of the story.  It took a lot for him to turn things around and I liked that it was such a big part of the novel.  Terra is also a character that sees a lot of development and growth as well.  She starts out as a spoiled social justice do gooder and evolves into a strong and capable character of her own.

Just when you think you have this story figured out, Wallace throws in a plot twist out of left field.  It definitely makes you stop for a second and say “What the Hell”, but roll with it, it’s worth it. 😉

This book was a great adventure and I’ll give it a 4 out of 5 stars.  While I liked the story, the missing star is for the character development.  It seemed a little too fast paced in some critical areas without much explanation as to why.  That wouldn’t stop me from recommending it though.  Which is why I’ll be telling my friends who love a good thriller/suspense/action story to pick it up.  I’d also recommend that the 18+ crowd would find it appropriate due to the violence and drug use (If it were a movie I’d say rated R).

This is the second Kellie Wallace book I’ve had the pleasure of reviewing and I can honestly say I’ll be coming back for more!

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