Talent by Annie B Matthews

Talent by Annie B Matthews is a YA Paranormal adventure ride.  It starts with Libby, a 17 year old Londoner, whose family has been forced to move to the English countryside, in order to recover from her father’s business failure.  The move is hard on everyone.  Libby hasn’t made friends, and her parent’s are stressed and not adjusting well either.  Libby’s mother in particular, can’t seem to cope and disappears one day with nothing more than a simple note.  If that doesn’t seem strange and tragic enough, the migraines Libby has been suffering from seem to give way to a strange new ability.  She can sense emotions.

While trying to figure out what’s going on, Libby makes friends with Kelly, her boyfriend Danny, and Tom.  She also develops a love/hate relationship with Kelly’s brother Jack.  One day, during a particularly rough time.  Libby senses one of her fellow students about to come to harm.  She doesn’t understand what’s happening, but Jack is there and springs to action.  He seems to know exactly what’s going on and helps Libby, help the poor student.  Later, she discovers that Jack also has a “talent”.  If that weren’t enough, so do Kelly and Danny, and their parents.

Libby finds herself relieved, mad, and curious all at the same time, but slowly with the help of her new friends, begins to develop her talent.  She soon realizes that Jack doesn’t dislike her at all, he in fact, cares for her deeply.  While trying to get a handle on everything going on in her life, Libby discovers another talent in the area seems to be manipulating people into doing harm to themselves.  Libby now needs her family and friends more than ever to solve this mystery.  Will her bond with Jack be enough to help her through it?  Can she trust him with her heart and mind fully? Where is her mother?

I enjoyed this book.  The relationships between the couples reminded me of Twilight, but let’s be clear, it’s not Twilight.  It stands on it’s own as a good YA romance/paranormal story.  I love that Libby is independent and wants to focus on her future and going to college.  Her relationship with Jack is intense, but she doesn’t let that consume her or get in the way of her plans….Big Points for that!!! I also love that because this group is full of mind readers, empaths, and other talents, it makes it hard to keep secrets.  As an adult who reads YA, I sometimes get frustrated when the characters don’t ask for help…although I’m positive that’s a typical trait in teens 😉 I would recommend this read to anyone who enjoys a good Paranormal Mystery/ YA Romance. This book has been rewarded with 5 out of 5 Stars. The writing is good, the editing is pretty tight, and the cover is appealing. I would also add that this book should probably be for the 15 years and up crowd because of the suspense involved.  Jack and Libby and Kelly and Danny are certainly characters you’ll be thinking about long after the book is finished….coincidentally, there is a Book 2 😉 so you can jump right into the next story in the saga if you like.  I certainly plan to.  Talent is available via Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Kobo and Smashwords.



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