Review: Saved By The Bang by M.J. Neary

Saved By The Bang, is described as a “Nuclear Comedy” or a Dystopian Novel.  I feel like the former is adept at describing this dark masterpiece.  Saved By The Bang transports us to Gomel, Belarus in the 1980’s just prior to the Chernobyl Disaster.  It centers on the Olenski family, prominent classical musicians and their […]

Review: Maggie Goes To Hollywood by Kate Danley

“Maggie’s on the run. What better place to hide than in the faceless entertainment industry? Working on a movie set is about to introduce Maggie to a whole new level of evil. She didn’t realize that when they talked about movie magic, they meant movie MAGIC. There is a new breed of vampire taking over […]

Hi! It’s Me!

Howdy there! Bibliogal here! I’m not good at filler posts, but I feel like I should post one every now and again to keep things interesting.  Currently I’m Reading Maggie Goes To Hollywood by Kate Danley, who happens to be one of my FAVORITE authors .  This book is the 6th in the Maggie series […]

Witch Of The Cards

So today is the last day of the Release Tour :(, but not the last day of fun! The Rafflecopter giveaway ends on 4/12 so enter ASAP!  Also, a little heads up, I have in my chubby little fingers a signed copy of this beauty, which I now refer to as “My Precious” and will be […]

Kellie Wallace

Howdy folks! I know I just got done reviewing a new book by Kellie Wallace, but I thought I’d take the time to enlighten you on another genre of books she writes.  While she is good at writing action packed spy thrillers, she’s also great at penning romance! Specifically World War II romance.  I actually […]

Rogue Agent by Kellie Wallace

Seth Langdon is a cold blooded killing machine.  As a hit man for an elite secret agency, he’s grown numb to the messy side of his job.  He loses himself to drugs, alcohol, and his girlfriend.  One day, a hit gets to him and he decides he’s had enough. Terra Bloom, is a socialite and […]