Maggie For Hire

I posted yesterday on Facebook saying that Maggie MacKay Magical Tracker Series by Kate Danley, was hands down my favorite Urban Fantasy series.  It’s true.  I stumbled upon this little gem a few years ago while recovering from a surgery.  It was included in a little boxed anthology for 99 cents.  In that anthology I discovered several Horror and Urban Fantasy books that really spoke to me, but from the first time she uttered the F word, I knew Maggie was for me.

So here are the deets about Maggie MacKay….wolverine

She’s the best at what she does, and what she does isn’t nice…okay so that’s Wolverine,
but seriously it applies to Maggie (also I think that would be a pretty awesome, seizure inducing team up)

She’s a smart mouthed anti hero….wait isn’t that Deadpool?  Omg!834f0f1f6a2367d55bf1df4b4374e793d6cf22c4484e15c9003a8b5b2ff8f29c

She say’s the F word a lot…but it’s in context so roll your eyes if you must, or revel in the fact that Maggie cusses as much as you do.  “Fucking, Elves”…(Maggie tagline)

Her family is really amazing.  Her mom is a ….mu mu wearing psychic with a penchant for perms and orange hair dye.  She gets on Maggie’s nerves, but I’m pretty sure Maggie wouldn’t have it any other way.

Maggie’s twin sister, Mindy, lives the ordinary life of an accountant who idolizes Martha Stewart.  She is always good for support and to lend you a spare room when you’re trying to thwart evil world domination.

Mr. MacKay…Maggie’s Dad, is her inspiration and taught her everything she knows. She’s constantly asking herself what her dad would do in dire situations.

The MacKay family is a riot and full of laughs, fights, and love. I want to be a member 😉

Maggie is chock full of action/adventure, supernatural worlds, humor, drama, even some sweet ‘aww’ moments.

Killian: The handsome Elf tasked by his Elf Queen to help Maggie on her quest to save the world.  He’s every gals’ fantasy, but Maggie is having none of it.  He’s a great partner, but his human skills are textbook at best.  (Which reminds me of a certain Angel Of The Lord, that I’m obsessed with 😉 )



The best part of this whole series….There are currently 5 books published and one on the way!  To get started on a whole new magical obsession you should check out Maggie For Hire (which is FREE right now on amazon!) 


Books are as as follows:

1.  Maggie For Hire

2. Maggie Get Your Gun

3.  Maggie On The Bounty

4. M & K Tracking

5. The  M-Team

Coming Soon: Maggie Goes To Hollywood (April 15,2016)

Also definitely worth mention: A Maggie Novella called The Ghost and Miss MacKay, which is featured in the Nightshade Anthology on Amazon. ( Another good grouping of Paranormal, Horror, and Urban Fantasy authors!) for 99 cents.

Nightshade (17 tales of Urban Fantasy, Magic, Mayhem, Demons, Fae, Witches, Ghosts, and more)


One last note: You can’t get engrossed in Maggie without paying homage to her creator, Kate Danley.  Not only is she the genius behind Maggie, but she’s written a ton of other great stuff as well as written and produced her own plays!  Check out her social media, trust me you’ll be glad you did!


Kate Danley
Offical Kate Danley News, Blog, Upcoming Projects

Twitter: @katedanley

Facebook: Kate Danley Facebook


****Disclaimer**** I don’t own anything. This is an opinion piece. If you created the art, lemme know and I’ll certainly give you credit or take it down as you wish.  Enjoy.



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