So today I have a bad case of the “Mondays”.  I also have “Spring Fever”, which involves me sitting on my butt and wasting time on Pinterest.  I am obsessed with Window Cleaning Hacks right now, which is very unlike me.  The last time I felt this way, I was 8 months pregnant!  Maybe I feel this way now because I’m old.  I also realized that I’ve left you guys hanging with my whole post about writing a novel and turning my attic into a home office.  So here’s an update on both fronts: Nada has been done!  I’ve been running around like a typical “Hot Mess Mom” and haven’t had much time to pamper my literary baby.  I did manage to get the junk out of the attic but that’s as far as it got.  Decorating and painting are going to be a Summer project I fear.

How in the heck do you authors with small children get things done?  Once my sweet little trolls are in in bed, I spend a few hours undoing their daily damage and then no amount of caffeine can keep me from zonking out on the bed, floor, couch, etc!  Bless you all, you are my heroes!

On the book review front, I’m reading Her Sweetest Downfall by Kellie Wallace.  It will be the last Romance that I review on this blog for a while. After that it’s YA, Dystopian, Historcal Fiction, Historical Non Fiction, Paranormal, Urban Fantasy, Fantasy, Light Horror, and maybe some good Thrillers. Thanks for letting me vent and get a few things out of my head for a while! Until next time!


Happy Reading!




PS, Here’s a little teaser …

Houses of Parliament, Westminster Palace - London beautiful sunset colors.
Houses of Parliament, Westminster Palace – London beautiful sunset colors.

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