Review: Wildest Dream by RC Boldt

It’s Sunday Night and I’ve just finished this really great Contemporary Romance by RC Boldt.  Wildest Dream is Book 1 in the Teach Me series.  It revolves around teachers Mac and Raine.

Callum “Mac” Mackenzie has had a broken childhood and served as a Navy Seal.  He’s seen and experienced some dark stuff.  He ends up in Florida teaching Math at an elementary school, where he meets Raine, a fellow teacher.

Not only is Raine a colleague, she happens to be best friends with his best friend’s sister. (Sounds complicated but isn’t I promise) This means he has to tread lightly, no one nighters with this gal or else.  He’s been warned by his best friend to keep it in the “Friend Zone”.

Raine Thompson, is a capable, smart and funny gal. She teaches Science (which automatically ups her likability  quotient in this nerd’s opinion)   She happens to have a knack for bad relationships and wacky dating mishaps.  She is just about ready to give up on love when the new guy comes to town.  He’s hot, he’s a colleague, and he doesn’t do relationships.  Bummer for her.  Raine wants the whole package, butterflies in the tummy and eventually Happily Ever After.  Mac is not the whole package (at least relationship wise).

The pair quickly form a deep friendship and then it escalates.  The challenges come in all forms for this duo.  They both need to dig deep and search their hearts for answers.

This book is well written and edited!  The characters are funny, smart, and realistic.  A big pet peeve of mine in Contemporary Romance is that the characters are one dimensional or have a backstory that is just too tragic to bear witness to.  I love that these characters shop at Target, buy designer clothes at thrift shops, and rent their houses.  I love love love that these ladies and gentlemen are the guys and gals next door.  The men are supportive and the women aren’t doormats, so bravo RC Boldt for giving me a great read and making me look forward to the rest of the series.

I give this book 5 out of 5 stars. I would also recommend it to the Adult Contemporary Romance crowd or anyone who just likes a good romance involving a Navy Seal turned teacher and his good natured, smart, and at times feisty, colleague!

Oh, did I mention that this is a series? Yup, it’s Book 1 in the Teach Me series and believe me, you’ll want to check out the others.

Important links…..

Wildest Dreams by RC Boldt ….Amazon

Wildest Dreams by RC Boldt….Barnes & Noble



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