Fuller House: Flip or Flop?

So, like many of you, when Netflix announced a Full House reboot; I jumped for joy.  I jumped, stalked, and downright obsessed up until Friday February 26, 2016.  I bought my wine, my Chinese Food and settled in for what I presumed would be an EPIC binge of childhood nostalgia.  I wasn’t wrong.

The first episode was what the fans wanted, a reunion. ( No Spoilers Given, Promise).  Check One in the pleased column.  I was happy but was my life changed? No.  I watched on in delight, at the antics and corny jokes, and patted myself on the back for being at least a Kimmy Gibbler on the adult scale of having my shit together.

I finished the season out and felt HAPPY.  Not a lot of programming leaves me feeling that way.  So I was about to take to Facebook and voice my pleasure when I noticed something….Not everyone was as happy about the show as I was.  My first instinct was to go on a rant, but I stopped.  (Plus I’d had 1/2 a bottle of wine soooo…) I kept reading and looking at the few people who had negative things to say and I’ve had time to form my own take on what’s going on.

  1. Most people want an exact replica of the show

This is what a lot of people kept saying.  “It’s not like the original,” or “The original is the best”  Okay, so the original, as is the case with anything is always the best.  Can’t argue there.  But since this is a reboot/reunion, you can’t expect it to be what the original was.  It’s a new main cast with pop-ins from the original cast sprinkled throughout.

2. “I thought it would be different”, or “Why is Candace acting like that, she’s Christian.”

Ok, so conservatives it seemed (at least in the realm of my personal Facebook, consisting of family and close friends) didn’t like the fact that DJ, played by well known Conservative Christian Candace Cameron Bure, went out to a club and then drank  tequila while wearing a “club dress”, well folks, I have news for you.  DJ is not Candace and Candace is not DJ.  Candace was “acting” like that because she is an ACTRESS, it’s in the job description.  (PS not in anyway attacking Conservatives, just pointing out something)

3. “It’s not family friendly”

My Facebook peers didn’t want their children watching because of the above mentioned tequila and D-word.  That’s fine, everyone can choose what their children watch.  I wholeheartedly respect that.  My kids watched it and they also know not to drink tequila, or say “Damn”.  My kids liked it, I liked it, we didn’t fight over Netflix control for the night.  In my house it’s family friendly, but also in my house we watch Harry Potter, Dr. Who, and Supernatural so a lot of people may question my parenting on that point.

So here’s my take.  Fuller House is not going to win an Emmy for profound or life changing writing.  It does get my vote for cheese ball comedy and warm and fuzzy feels.  I think that it was written for those of us that grew up with the show.  We’re the same age as the Tanner kids, now adults, and the writing is trying to reflect our point of view.  It’s not for everybody, but that’s what I got out of it.  The Tanner girls are all grown up, trying to figure out life; like the rest of us. I also think that some people take things way too seriously.  Relax a little. Life can be good!

Since I’m a book blogger, I have to rate it. If this were a book I’d give if 4 out of 5 stars and eagerly look for the next installment. Hope I’m not the only one! Happy Reading! Happy Binge Watching!






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