Review: Worth The Wait by K.M. Neuhold


**Disclaimer: I was given a free copy in exchange for an HONEST review**


Worth The Wait, by K.M. Neuhold is a Contemporary Adult Romance set amid a college campus and oozing with geek lore and pop culture references.  It’s Book 1 in the Sexy Nerd Boys series.  The story is told from the points of view of both Abby and Ethan, neighbors who happen to share a love of Dr. Who and Netflix.

Abby has a tragic past which results in a pretty tough exterior and a strict No Hanky Panky Rule.  She’s scarred emotionally and physically and has a lot of hang ups.

Ethan is a playboy with a heart of gold.  He’s carefree and always cheerful.  He also has a reputation on campus for being a Lothario.

Abby meets Ethan when she moves in with her friend Lee.  Ethan lives in the apartment across the hall and happens to be Lee’s big brother, so opportunity is ripe for awkward moments and sexy scenes (which are plentiful on both ends).

While Ethan and Abby hit it off pretty quickly, it seems Abby’s past won’t stop haunting her and Ethan’s reputation is totally getting in the way of a simple road to Happily Ever After. Both of them have baggage and it certainly causes a lot of WTF moments and eyerolls during the course of the story. To be fair though, if happy endings were easy to come by then the Romance Genre would be out of business pretty quickly.

The characters are well rounded and you certainly find yourself rooting for them all in the end. I especially love that the couple in question bond over Netflix and Dr. Who marathons.  The references to other forms of geek entertainment are also pretty pleasing.  I’m into a lot of “Geek” stuff myself so when a random X Men or Whovian shout got mentioned, I did a little cheer.

I don’t give out spoilers, but there were times when I wasn’t sure what was going to happen to the couple.  In the end I was pretty satisfied, wink wink.

Using the 5 Star rating method; 1= bad 2=tolerable 3=good  4=great 5= perfect, I give this book 3 out of 5 Stars and here’s why.

The story is good.  The characters have a lot to work through and started off a little unlikable.  After the first few chapters they grow on you and become part of your book friends group. I had to take off a few stars because Ethan’s back story was not as detailed as Abby’s.  This was important to me since both characters were telling the story simultaneously and both are main characters.  There are some editing issues with the book as well.  Mostly typos and font discrepancies so not too bad.  This story is good.  With some very small tweaking it could be perfect.

I would recommend it to the 18 years and older crowd.  The love scenes were pretty steamy and described very graphically, so definitely not for kiddos.  It also falls into the category of New Adult Romance and is Contemporary so it’s pretty relevant with modern day issues, so definitely check it out if you’re a geek, a romance junkie, or a secret pervert who likes to read about sex. (Just kidding, but definitely check it out)

Next Week, I’ll be reviewing Book 2 in this series: Naughty Angel

Here are some important links:

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K.M. Neuhold Amazon Author Page 

Worth The Wait (Sexy Nerd Boys Book 1) Nook


Read the book, and you’ll see why this meme is appropriate 😉





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