So I just finished up a project that I took on and I think I might need a break.  I know it sounds wimpy, “You just started your blog a month ago and you’re already burnt out?”


Not burnt out on blogging, or reviewing books, I’m just burnt out a little on reviewing books in a formal and regulated fashion.  I’m a casual kind of gal and I am very wordy and I like to overuse commas.  I understand myself. Grammar and punctuation Nazis don’t. I don’t take criticism very well.  Blame it on low self esteem, I take everything personally. So I think it’s time to take a break from doing freelance and for a little while just focus on doing reviews my way, on books I picked out myself.

In addition to Book Reviewing, last year I got my license to perform wedding ceremonies. It started off slow and this year, BAM! It’s taking off like a rocket.  While I’m pleased in the upswing, the introvert in me is freaking out.  Hence the immense feeling of being overwhelmed.


 Maybe I’ll save the earnings from my wedding business and spend it on a nice Book/Author convention, or better yet a Supernatural Convention. What’s overwhelming you and what do you need to do to get back to your happy place errr mind palace?


Happy Reading,




ps, I don’t own any of these gif/memes if the creators want me to remove them feel free to contact me.



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