Publishing Contest Shout Out!


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Well, I have now had a blog for 1 week.  It’s been a mixture of fun and disappointment. I’m quite enjoying what I’ve started, it’s just a little frustrating that no one is reading it. I guess I just need to be patient.  While I’m waiting for that to happen I’ll throw a  shout out to Online Book Club.  Currently they are running a publishing contest for an indie author.  Check out the details if you’re itching to get your work published, if your idea gets enough votes then PRESTO! You’re a winner and you get to be a published author! Link is here….

Online Book Club Book Reviews and Publishing Contest!

Publishing Contest Forum


And if you’re not a writer, there’s still plenty for you!  Lots of book reviews, a forum for every subject a book lover could ever dream up, and the chance to the Review Team and review books!  Check it out, I promise it won’t waste your time!



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